Holy Books of Great Religions


“Loving your neighbor as youself.”

01. The Tanak

02. Torah and Neviim

03. Torah & Nevi’im – Pentateuch & Prophets

04. Holy Tanakah – Free Download

05. Yu Torah Online – A Project of Yeshiva University Center of the Jewish Future

06. Talmud – The Babylonian version

07. The Zohar – Text in English and Aramaic

08. The Zohar – Text in Hebrew


“Love your enemies. Praise those who curse you. Do the good what they hate you. Pray for who pursues you!”

01. Biblos – Bible in dozens of languages, with Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Bible Reviews and more

02. Bible Gateway – A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions

03. Online Bible – Version King James

04. Latin Vulgate Bible – Douay Bible

05. The New Testament in Hebrew

06. Bible North America – Downloads, Discussion Forum and more

07. The Book of Mormon


“…these their sum of the good deeds they are heavier, will be blessed.”

01. The Holy Qur’an

02. Qur’an Transliteration

03. The Qur’an – Free download


“Never in the world, hatred ends with hatred, of the which ends with the hatred is love.”

01. Tipitaka – The Teachings of the Buddha

02. Mahabharata – Book 1, Adi Parva

03. Tipitaka – With several versions


“When you feel that you are one eith God, you feel one with all thing.”

01. Rig Veda – Download here. Need te register

02. Bhagavad Gita


“The great souls are as clouds, ocollectors to give.”

01. The Gospel According to Spiritism

02. The Spirits’ Book

03. The Mediums’ Book

04. The Genesis


“If your projects are for a year, sow the grain; if for ten years, plant a tree; and if for one hundred years, instructs your people.”

01. The Kojiki

02. Nihon Shoki – Text in Japanese


“The our good side need to fight every day to win our evil side. Only then reach Anagram Raosha [Kingdom of Infinite Lights].”

01. Zend Avesta


“Share the fruits of you labor with those in need, without ever expect gratitude. This action is to Eternal and yourself.”

01. Guru Granth Sahib


“The man who moves mountains starts carrying small stones.”

01. The Confucianism is one of the few religions of humanity that has no Holy Books, but has a set of rules that form a moral philosophy of profound impact on social structure and the everyday Eastern society, especially the Chinese.


The above works have not related copyrights in the United States. If you live in another country, please check your country’s copyright before downloading any e-book.

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24 Responses to Holy Books of Great Religions

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  2. Pingback: Topics about Christian life and Bible readings » Archive » Holy Books of Great Religions

  3. Mike says:

    Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  4. pls i am a writer of non-fiction books. i will like to know more about these holy books. presently i am writing a book- TRUE FACTS ABOUT ALL RELIGION. A practical religious books. please kindly forward it to me as quickly as you can.

  5. asomo says:

    nice one Frankherles

  6. GG says:

    Just because billions of people on Earth would disagree, and say these books are holy, does not make them right. They are misguided, unenlightened, and have been lied too by preachers and all kind of holy men. But the truth is not in them. But just because they believe in mythology does not mean that spirituality is fiction either. There are NO holy books; but without the spirit of God (Dark Matter) we don’t exist, and if we don’t exist, now that is fiction. G

  7. Zoe S. says:

    great job and keep it up! you really helped me with my ss project. Don’t let anyone (GG, asomo, frankherles, marhal p) or anyone else get you down!

  8. habib says:

    Quran says that if you are in doubt than bring a chapter like it if you are really right.

  9. habib says:

    Quran says that if you are in doubt than bring a chapter like it if you are really right.challenging for all scriptures

    • Hamid says:

      it is not a challenge for scriptures it is a challenge for non believers if they think that it is not true in islam your faith is not complete if you do not accept all holy books but follow only the quran because The quran is available in its original form and unchanged

  10. habib says:

    That is good job to write right book and prove which religion is right it is obligatory to find truth and following unless god almighty may be punished them with hell fire

  11. Aritro Biswas says:

    The holy Book Of Jainism is missing

  12. mora says:

    the holy book of the history of the universe is also missing (black holey)

    • frankherles says:

      Shall not, this book is not missing because it simply does not exist yet. The understanding of the human being about black holes remains extremely limited and inconclusive. The theories on this issue remains theories waiting scientifically unquestionable confirmations.
      As for the “Sacred Books of the Great Religions” the article title itself already defines them as “sacred books”.

  13. Jayant Ruprelia says:

    I would like someone to explain to me how the “Mahabharata” is part of Buddhist religious texts,and the Bhagavad Gita part of Hindu religion.especially when anyone who knows about Hinduism The “Shrimad bhagvad gita “is part of the Mahabharata,and Krishna’s teaching to Arjuna.! So what do the the wars of Kurukshetra,The pandavas and the Kauravas have to to do with Krishna ,Arjuna and buddha ,would be of enlightenment to me ,because as far as I can see they have no historical connections,religious yes as Buddhism came through Hinduism.

  14. Omprakash Yadav says:

    Hinduism is the greatest religion…..The Santana Dharma(The eternal law)….The teachings and incredible metaphysical philosophy stated in Vedas,Upanishads,Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is just cannot be compared to any other religious book at all….
    It is the finest and most truthful book ever produced in Human history….Just nothing can stand against this Hardcore life philosophy….And all other religions are derived from it like Shikhism,Buddhism,Jainism,Christianity etc….

  15. Hritik Aryal says:

    Please, all humans do not fight on religion.There is only one religion in the world named Mankind. There is slogan by Saint Rampalji Maharaj “Our Race is Living Being, Mankind is Our Religion. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, There is no separate Religion.” For more info http://www.jagatgururampalji.org/booksandpublications.php

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